I have a biographic reason to pursue the subject of plants, as if fulfilling this genetic matrilineal program: my mother studied botany at the university and went to be a forester, while her grandmother was the wise women of the village, dispensing herbal remedies and incantations. This personal history became a point of access into how one creates meaning through nourishment with plant-based drinks, tonics, wellness treatments for herself and with others.

The participatory performances I stage are part Eastern European healer salon, part tea ceremony. They build intimate emotional encounters around a cup of tea and explore cultural constructs around nourishment.  Informed by these encounters, my painting is a negotiation of this plant-human relationship with the synonymous sumptuousness of oil paint.  Every brushstroke is a point of meditation on this sense of interconnectedness through consumption for nourishment, abundant to the point of decadence.   Similarly to how plants convert light into organic matter for nutrition,  the painting becomes a temporary store of lived experience that has nutritional potential and needs a release.

Recent shows and projects include: Sensorium at Verv Lab, London, 2020; Herbal Tea Labo at AIR-Yamanashi, Kofu, 2019; This Instead of That at Lewisham Art house and ArtHouse1, London, 2019. Awards included participation in London Creative Network, Space Studios 2018, studio residency at Florence Trust, 2015-2016; Bulldog Bursary with the Royal Society of Portrait Painters and Heatherley School of Fine Art in 2012, BP Portrait Award at the National Portrait Gallery 2011.