To keep a clear head from the grief over what’s going on in my birthplace since February 2022 – I look to plants. It’s always been about the plants, the family having worked on land, practising household herbalism, and, since about 2015, using plants as a medium and main protagonists of the narratives in my paintings and participatory performances.

Considering the hierarchy of art genres (still life – feminine and basic, history painting – ostentatious and highly valued), the entanglement of ‘alive’ and ‘dead’ in these paintings is not just still life, but more like future history painting. Because it does both: wishes for abundance, reminds of fleetingness of the life passing, as well as imagines the necessary violence in negotiation for coexistence between the plants and the humans.

Recent shows include:  High Official at Scoop group show, Saatchi Gallery, London 2023,  “Friends and Family” group show and Hong Kong Art Basel OVR, Pi Artworks 2022, Stand with Ukraine,  fundraising show, Hales Gallery, London 2022, RAW, RCA work in progress show, Soho Revue, London 2022, tea sessions at  San Mei gallery, and at the Festival of Intimacy, UCL, London, 2021. 


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