Herbal Tea Labo

For the duration of the residency at AIRY in 2019 I have invited the audience to participate in tea sessions loosely based on Ukrainian herbal rituals. The residency culminated in an exhibition of an installation of dried medicinal herbs gathered from the participants and on walks around town, as well as fermented drinks  — all informed by the conversations during the tea sessions. The fermentation bacteria broke down the plant ingredients into easily digestible nutrients and transferred energy to their next consumer in the food chain.


Since 2016, the Kupala festival has shown performative and participatory works by a range of international artists, all examining the relationship between the nature, science and art. The festival’s origins date back to pagan traditions of marking the summer solstice in Eastern Europe and Scandinavia. Please see this page for more information on the line-up of the artists and documentation of the works.  Below is the documentation of performances Crown Project 2019,

Tea Sessions at Ennismore




This exhibition event and artist residency was hosted by ARTIQ and Ennismore at the end of 2018 and featured series of artist performances and an immersive closing event.  More about it here

Make Me a Cup of Tea, SPACE

During the exhibition artist Sigrid Holmwood and Director of Nomad Projects Michael Smythe have joined me for the panel discussion. 

Make Me a Cup of Tea performance and video installation was developed in collaboration with London Creative Network programme, funded by the European Union Regional Development fund and shown as part of LCN showcase at SPACE, London, 2018

Silent Painting

“The exhibition Silent Painting brings together three artists who use paint and mark making techniques to recreate two dimensional noiseless energy.” – Alex Baraitser. See here for more detail about the show.